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Small rod/reel combo's on the middle Kenai.

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  • Small rod/reel combo's on the middle Kenai.

    I was out this weekend and I saw a bunch of people using these small pink rod/reel combos. Does anybody know what they were using and why?? I've never seen anything like that before... It looked like they were small kids bait casting combos.

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    I would assume it was some sort of breast cancer awareness deal.


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      or maybe some cheap rod set up they bought some where, I have one for my little girl that is pink and it has nothing to do with breast cancer. But not to discredit anyone on here it could be all of the above……or below as it were.


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        Probably a Barbie Doll Rod contest.

        Not joking, everyone brings a kiddie rod and the biggest fish landed wins.
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          Those are the greatest, the pink derbies with nothing allowed but those "Snoopy" rods.
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            I saw those guys. There were 4-5 of them in a sled drifting beads. I think they do it Bc casting 5 2.5' rods is a hell of a lot easier than 5 10' fly rods with 15' of leader each.


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