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Fishing in Devil's Pass area?

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  • Fishing in Devil's Pass area?

    I'm doing a three day backcountry trip through Devil's Pass and the surrounding region and am wondering about fishing in the area. I know that Trout Lake and Juneau have lake trout (and Burbot in Juneau) but unfortunately our route won't take us that far in. We're planning to run in Devil's Pass trail and out the Summit Creek trail (with a day hike further in on day two).

    It looks like the only larger lakes we'll pass are Devil's Lake and possibly Swan Lake, though I'm sure we'll pass the smaller no-namers too. From what I've read Devil's Lake has Rainbow, Dolly and Pike; is this pretty standard throughout the area? Any recommendations for where/what to fish?

    Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    In case anyone else is wondering, Devil's Lake has jack ****, though Juneau and Trout have decent fishing.


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      No Pike in this area. Dolly's in a lot of the small streams.


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        Did you carry in tubes or fish from shore? Either way sounds fun! Are you going to write a trip report?


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