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  • Kodiak silvers

    Are there gonna be any silver's running this next week or so???

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    Been running for the last few weeks in the rivers. Water is low and clear, making them spooky. Snaggers are having a blast tho.
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      The ocean is absolutely lousy with them. Big tides or decent rain to feed the rivers should bring in a bunch. Even if they're still trickling into the rivers with low water, you should do well casting from shore along the beaches, even better with a boat ride and someone that knows how to catch them at the moment. Most trollers I've talked to have been sucking wind, even when they're seeing them on top.

      But we've been smashing them mooching and jigging down deep. Dunno what that's all about, but they're running big this year in compensation for the sometimes tough catching. Last time we were out (Saturday) we jigged 8 between the four of us 105' down in half an hour. Smallest tipped the scale at just over 12#.
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