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Late chums around Southcentral?

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  • Late chums around Southcentral?

    My wife has caught the other four species of salmon this summer, but is lacking a chum. We don't usually approach fishing as a list of accomplishments to check off, but it's just a fun idea for her to catch all five in a year. That said, I haven't ever targeted chums this late. Any ideas?

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    Late chums around Southcentral?

    I bet you could find a chum, moldy or not, in the little Su. Try Burma landing and hiked around a little bit. Maybe even try downstream of the highway.
    Rivers north of there are pretty blown out and high.
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      You might find one still alive on the parks streams but you could probably catch it by hand easier than hook, not that I'd want to touch it.

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        Yeah, we're probably not going to bother, especially if it meant pulling it off its redd as it rots. Was wondering if there were any later runs that I wasn't aware of.


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          Went and checked the only river i know of on the peninsula with chums galore and they had all spawned out. They seem to hit the river in mid june, at least in that river, and are not alive by September. Bird Creek may have a few, inedible though they may be by now.


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            Come on down here Brian!!! Lots of moldy ones, but I'm still seeing a few somewhat freshies too, lots of nice collerd up and active spawners that aren't moldy yet too.
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              Ha! Would love to, but I think that a trip to Kodiak isn't in the cards right now - and if it were, it wouldn't be to target chums! I'm still hoping to take a second crack at my late Delta sheep tag, and if that doesn't work out, then we'll be chasing black bears in the alpine instead.


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                if you're up for a drive we have access to them until ice up. not a bunch but they're there every year. drop me a msg if you're interested. boats the big issue.

                if your delta hunt doesn't pan out, let me know as well...I know two spots that hold rams in particular. and no, I'm not going to publically post them LOL!

                I'm gearing up to get after it myself.


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