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20 Mile--Twenty Mile River do's and dont's???

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  • 20 Mile--Twenty Mile River do's and dont's???

    20 Mile--Twenty Mile River do's and dont's???

    So...I've been to 20 mile a couple of times in a couple of different boats. Did ok, but am looking for a general consensus or protocol for timing of launch and return as related to tides as I don't want to make the news. The "ramp" was in pretty rough shape last time I was there. Is it typical to put in on a rising tide and get out before the water is too low to make it difficult?
    Was also wondering from those with experience when you found the action to be the best. Seemed the last time I was there we had launched just before high tide and the main river and sloughs got pretty cloudy. Maybe I just need to go further up? I've never been more than maybe 4 miles up. Don't need particular holes, but an "area" would really help and my wifey might be impressed...sloughs and tributaries or main river channel?

    Pm or reply-thanks!

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    the river is slow an thin water till you get to where the woods on the left side [ going up river ] meet the river, then it becomes a defined river passed that point , miie or so after that point the river divideis in to 2 streams onr to the left an one to the right . fishing regs have a fairley good map of the river , do be carfull on the river , lpts of wood in the water an if you loose your power [ motor ] good chance you will tip your boat on the logs,
    lots of people have dun it SID roud:


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