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    Gotta love Alaska!! I have been living here for 2 summers and this is the first summer I got to enjoy! (Bad car accident last spring, long story)

    I still have not caught a salmon by pole, 1 foul hook on a Russian Red and let it go, a really nice legal steelhead from Kenai Lake and my son and wife caught their first fish in Alaska some beautiful trouts at Kenai Lake. Plus we did the double limit halibut charter out of Homer and that was awesome!!!

    And we got to dip net for the first time, didn't limit out this year but it was a blast! 21 reds from Kasilof, 3 pinks, 3 silvers, and 4 reds from Fish Creek!

    Still gonna try for the salmon on the pole before the season is over but I have to say this has been an incredible memory filled summer!!

    Tight lines y'all!!!!

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    :topjob: Glad you enjoyed it! Glad you raked in some salmon in the net, even if you didn't get one rod-n-reel yet. You will. I think it took me about three years before I was consistently catching salmon, and it wasn't for lack of trying. It's just different from catching other fish, especially reds, where you have to line them in the mouth rather than present a fly or other lure for them to take. You'll get 'er dialed in. And there's plenty of season left to catch some salmon. Pinks are fun to catch, and despite what you may hear, are fine table fare if they are still at all silvery on the sides. They taste more like trout than salmon, but I like trout just fine. Silvers will be around all month, longer down on the Kenai.
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