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Best time to fish Juneau area?

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  • Best time to fish Juneau area?

    We're planning to visit family in Juneau next year. We will have a two week window. I'm wondering when would be the best time for reds? Are there some good places to fish reds that are road accessible? I'm also interested in halibut and am seeking charter recommendations. Thanks.

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    I believe that the only road-accessible sockeye fishing in the Juneau area is Windfall Creek. Very limited opportunity there, as it can only be fished on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and there is a one fish limit. Juneau is a fun place to fish, but I'd focus my efforts on fish other than sockeye...


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      That's a bummer. Not what I expected to hear. OK, how about silvers? Any suggestions on times and places? Thanks.


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        There can be some very good silver fishing around Juneau, although much of it is from a boat. There are catchable numbers of fish around there through much of July and August, and that's also a good time to fish halibut. There are also silvers to be found in Cowee Creek, which is way out north, and road-accessible. Some silvers can also be found in Montana Creek, which is basically right in town.


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          To add on, here's a link to fish & game's sport fish info webpage for the Juneau area:

          Within that page, check out fishing information and fishing opportunities tabs to give you a little more specific information on run timing for both fresh and saltwater and a little bit on specific areas by species. Seeings' how I live here, I won't give away all my secrets, but this gives you the general idea. Enjoy - Rich


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