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Fairbanks to Valdez, Where to stop for fishing break(s)

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  • Fairbanks to Valdez, Where to stop for fishing break(s)

    Will be heading to/from Fairbanks to Valdez this coming weekend for some Salt Water (Silvers) action in Valdez. This will be my first solo trip driving down (Wife and kiddo staying behind) so I am feeling a bit more freedom in the drive since I can stop and fish streams/rivers/lakes as much as I want on the way down/back without holding up the family. Aside from the Delta Clearwater and Tangle lakes I havn't fished anywhere along that stretch so looking for advice on places that would make a good 1-3 hours stop and pop while driving to Valdez. Don't care about species or size at all more looking for somewhere just to poke my head around and wet a line.

    P.S. I don't have a boat or canoe and though I would prefer not to hike too much I don't mind a little "walking" if it is a neat area for exploring.

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    Never hurts to stop at the Klutina on the Rich past Glenallen. Went there this weekend but didn't hook up. There were others that did and I saw plenty poke up and look at me. (probably why I didn't catch any.)


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      I sent you a PM about a spot I like to stop at once in a while. You still have to do some research but it ain't tuffffff to getter done. Enjoy!


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