Lower Kenai Water Levels for Drift Boat



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  • Lower Kenai Water Levels for Drift Boat

    Good Morning All,

    I've been fishing a lot on the upper river this year but would like to float the lower river in the near future. Centennial to Eagle Rock will be the likely drift. Just wanted to check with you all about the recommended water flow range to target on this part of the river. The first consideration is of course safety. Second is to get a sense of what water levels would be too high to be able to fish effectively from a drift boat. Thanks for the input everyone!

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    Water level is less of a concern than viz for successful fishing.

    From a safety standpoint, there is really no technical water in that drift.

    Higher water just means seeking out the soft edges closer to shore or side-channels where others typically don't fish.
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      Thanks for the input Doc. It's appreciated.


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        Floated centennial to cunnigham on a sit on top kayak. Super easy. A few extra sweepers with high water but you won't be anywhere near the banks with all the red fisherman.

        Cunningham would be tough with a full sized drift boat. Eagle rock is your last best choice. Though I did see a drift boat dipping with a motor. Time it right including the tides and you could go all the way down for a challenge.

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