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Herring for Silvers

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  • Herring for Silvers

    I have read and understand the problems associated with store bought eggs. Would much prefer to catch and cure my own. Will there still be pinks available in the Kenai by mid-August as I have had good success catching silvers after curing eggs from pinks. Also, have fished herring for silvers from a boat but wonder if this works in rivers as well. Finally, is herring readily available to buy? Thanks for your help.

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    Ive seen a lot of people use it and catch fish on it. I've also seen shrimp and eggs. All seem to produce fish depending on the day. All are usually readily available to buy.
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      I have seen people do well with herring in Deep creek and the Anchor river and they say it's the best bait for silvers. We use flies ( purple or olive articulated ) or eggs and are never disappointed with the results so we haven't tried the herring.


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        I have not tried it up here yet but I have done very well catching Coho with herring under a float in Washington waters.


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          There will be plenty of pinks mid august, however try and get a real fresh one down in the tide water if you want usable eggs because their eggs get loose very fast and they don't work we'll then.

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            If those PInkie eggs are loose, cure them up with muratic acid and drift as single eggs, works wonders. Depending on water clarity of course
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