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2012 Floods and fishing......question

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  • 2012 Floods and fishing......question

    I was living in Alaska when we had those floods in 2012. Since then I have moved back to AZ. I am coming up in a few weeks and bringing my brother to fish. Are those floods going to effect the pink return in the Mat-su creeks? I want to take him and catch numbers of fish. He's heard my stories of fish after fish on. The pinks are on a 2 year cycle, so is this year going to be a lighter run due to eggs getting washed out into the Susitna river and cook inlet? Willow creek was where I used to fish. Thoughts?
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    I was at Willow last Monday and while its not hot yet there were pinks and chum with a few old kings rolling around. I foul hooked a decent sized pink and my buddy hooked a 20sh lb king but it was still fairly slow. Another friend of mine said one of his friends caught a silver there Wed but I didn't see it personally and have no idea if the person who caught it was good at identifying different species of salmon so I cant say for sure. But I do know that there are silvers being caught around here already so it is possible. As for Pinks in the Su its still a little early, maybe by next week we will have a good idea on how well the pinks are going to run.

    A friend of mine hit the little Su Yesterday and said the chum were in pretty good from what he saw yesterday morning. Not as thick as they could be but the run is just starting really.

    I think by the time you guys get here the Silvers will be running too.


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      I don't think the flood had much if any impact on the pinks/chums/silvers. Those fish were just hitting the rivers when it flooded and hadn't spawned yet. The king spawning beds are what got hit as most of them had already spawned when the flood hit.


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