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Link to hourly Kenai sonar counts?

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  • Link to hourly Kenai sonar counts?

    Would someone please post the link to the hourly Kenai River sonar sockeye count? I'm hoping I didn't dream that it exists but I searched til I ran out of places to look. I missed the pulses of fish making their way up the river yesterday afternoon and this morning. Trying to not miss any more. Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure that it exists on the web REB, and unless you are fishing directly upstream of the counter, not sure it would really be helpful.

    Regardless, the best advice I can offer is to call in the Comm Fish Hotline.

    When the reds are pushing in heavy, they generally give a real-time count at one or two time points throughout the day, with an estimated passage per hour to help you extrapolate what the final count might be for the day.
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      Can you please post that number or where I can find it? That would be very helpful.


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        907 262 9611. Busy a lot. But it's the most upto date public info I think.

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