3 Days Lake Louise (Glenn Hwy) to Soldotna, Where to Stop



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  • 3 Days Lake Louise (Glenn Hwy) to Soldotna, Where to Stop

    Trying to plan out the most scenic and well-paced 3 day drive/tour/fishing from Lake Louise on the Glenn to Soldotna. We will depart Sat. Morning and would like to arrive mid-afternoon in Soldotna on Monday.

    We have a 17 month old cutie with us who is not a fan of long car rides, and a Dad who is a fan of fishing. Looks like the whole drive is GPS'd (is that a word) to take 5 total hours so maybe breaking it into 2 hour chunks would be super-chill.

    We know nothing of the Glenn Hwy area and (aside from Bird Creek, Hope, and Seward) know nothing about the Kenai Penn. area.

    Beings that we are doing Reds in Kenai I'm not necessarily targeting Salmon along the way and would almost prefer just a reliable trout fishery or river.

    Love this site so would love your help with some advice on this drive.

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    I'd suggest you stop at the matanuska glacier. It's not a fishing opportunity but for $15 per person you can take a 10 minute trail walk and be walking on a glacier.

    There are a couple of clear creeks that cross the glenn (mendeltna & little nelchina) and both probably have grayling. Long & Weiner lakes have fish. Another hour and you're to palmer/wasilla where you can find all the stocked lakes in the community on the adfg site. PM if you want to borrow a canoe in the valley.
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      Your GPS is overly optimistic about travel time, plan on 7 hours at least, it will take 45-60 minutes to traverse Anchorage alone, depending on traffic, then 2.5 hrs to Soldotna traffic allowing. Also toss in random road construction.

      You will pass many roadside lakes that support fish along the length of your drive, see one you like, give it a go and have safe trip.


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