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  • Strange phenomenon

    Twice this spring/summer I have witnessed a phenomenon I have never seen before, and maybe some of you with a biological background can shed some light on it. Anyway, myself and sons have seen a small area of the surface about 20-30' from shore (perhaps 6'x 6') on two separate lakes rise up about 2" and move a short distance before dissipating. The water seems to almost boil and appears to be shimmering when this happens. It is shallow water, so there could be no beast like a beaver or muskrat underneath to cause the surface disturbance. Nothing happens afterwards either. It has happened so quickly and unexpectedly on both occasions that I was not fast enough to get a photo. When we witnessed these occurences, we were left kind of awestruck. My guess is that it is a bait ball of stickleback getting chased by a school of trout. Any other ideas?:question::question:

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    I am surprised, with all of your years and outdoor experience here, that it is your first sighting of such a thing. I guess it boils down to where you are looking at the time. Anyhow, I have seen that many, many times, unfortunately I do not have the answer you seek, but I have had carried the same theory with me all of these years; small fish surging.


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      I have seen this once and that is what it was, bait ball. It was fairly close to me and I cast right into the thick of it and caught a rainbow. First and last time I have ever seen it.


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        My daughter won the state science fair for Middle School a few years back with an observation like this. Do you think it was a methane release? We use to see this all of the time in pothole lakes around Kotzebue, and more of it in the past few years as more and more permafrost melts and released pockest of methane.

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          Originally posted by sayak View Post
          It is shallow water, so there could be no beast like a beaver or muskrat underneath to cause the surface disturbance.
          How shallow of water are we talking...???
          Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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            Originally posted by 4merguide View Post
            How shallow of water are we talking...???
            Two-three feet. We watched for a head to appear from a loon or mammal, but didn't happen. That's why I was thinking predatory fish.
            Aknook- good move on the cast into the middle!
            Gulkana- couldn't be methane gas as it moved horizontally a ways, and there were no bubbles. I have seen methane releases, and this wasn't such a thing.


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              I have also seen bait balls do this a lot here in the NWT.
              Usually they are being balled up by a school of lake trout here.
              Had one bait ball last nearly 1/2 an hour on the surface as a huge pod of lakers was herding it.
              Caught tons of fish out of it too. :topjob:


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