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  • Kenai River Level

    Can someone reply to the water level in the Kenai at Soldotna??? I was told that it is extremely low for this time of the year. Thanks.

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    8560 cfs currently, in Soldotna.
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      Is that higher or lower than last year at this time???? It is going to be more difficult or less difficult to fish from shore this year?????Thanks


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        Probably the same as last year.

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          Here you go. USGS gauge address. May have to copy and paste into your browser. I'm not good at posting.

          The first graph has the average flow rate shown as a series of triangles. As you can see the river is now below normal flow for the dates shown. But the graph showing water level doesn't show the average. Obviously if the flow is lower than normal, so would be the level. If you are really curious you can change the dates and see what the stage was last year at this time. I think I remember it being close to normal.


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            Thanks People, I appreciate it.


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              Lower water makes for better sockeye fishing purely from the amount of physically fishable real estate exposed.

              Higher water covers up many productive bars, making them impossible to wade safely or fish effectively.
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