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  • Weather Systems Fairbanks Area Please read

    If you have plans on rafting / fishing and general day use or extended use of any thing around Fairbanks to Circle over to the Salcha please review the following links:

    It is going to be a long week around here!!!!!!

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    Indeed! I also like to use the storm total feature on the NOAA website.

    A little time studying a topo will familiarize folks with their applicable drainage area and then you can translate the info above into a rainfall amount for your basin. Over time, if you compare this data to hydrographs such as below

    to anticipate flowrates. Not all hydrographs do quite as well anticipating the timing/crest heights as the Chena and Salcha graphs, and the forecasts have tended to be off from time to time. Still, if your area doesn't have a hydrograph, compare the storm totals to your eyes-on experience for a baseline.

    Hope all of that calms down before long...I've got some grayling to catch!
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