Byers lake fishing in the summer



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  • Byers lake fishing in the summer

    Looking to venture north - try a little canoeing and fishing for some lakers and burbot. best to hit the inlet or outlet or??? Most of my fishing is ocean fishing or the occasional local lake/stocked fish type of fishing where eggs and a bobber work on stupid fish. LOL.... Have not fished ever for burbot..

    Seems to be a lot of info on ice fishing byers but not much for summer time fishing...

    Any tips besides watching my backside for bears if I venture around the lake?
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    I got a couple hits in the evening using a crocodile spoon with red dots on it. Never landed one, but I did see a couple guys on rafts land a few. I will tell you that I have never seen mosquitos worse than that trip. I have not been on the slope in the summer, but I am telling you the lady that runs the campground walks around in a full mosquito suit....Kind of creepy actually. haha good luck, got to love Alaska.


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      Do a little reading on macs you'll find they like structure, but will also roam generally in a loose small pack 2's and 3's.

      If you have fish finder of some sort, watch where you measure baitfish...macs are generally not far away depth wise.

      You can vertically jig in the summer better than we can do it ice fishing! imho electronics really take mac fishing to the next level, otherwise its just guessing.

      If its macs you want you have better fishing closer than byers imho!


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