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Fishing Anchorage-Kenai 7/9-14

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  • Fishing Anchorage-Kenai 7/9-14

    We'll be flying in to Anchorage, staying a couple days, and then driving to Soldotna where we'll be for a couple more days. We definitely want to go on a guided Halibut trip and very likely want to try with a guide for kings on the Kenai. What are some other fun kinds of fishing in these areas? It seems like the red salmon run will be starting in July. Should we fish for them from shore once we're done with the guided trips, or do some guides go after both reds and kings in the same trip? If we shore fish for reds, where would be best that time of year? I've never caught a pike or a grayling, so I'd also like to try for them. Are there any other sights, activities or fishing that you'd recommend?

    I'll call around to the guides and the shops, but I'd also like to hear from people who aren't trying to sell me something.


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    Little early for the late sockeye run on the Kenai but fish on the lower parts of the river and you can probably get a few especially on the last few days. They usually enter Kasilof a little earlier so you could bank fish there and probably have some luck. Russian River will probably still have a few left over from the early run but it has tapered off pretty good by then. Kenai may be closed for Kings but hopefully it will be reopened and if not the Kasilof will probably be open. If some of these areas are a little more difficult then fishing should be great in Saltwater. Lots of places to fish for trout / grayling on Parks highway. A little bit of harder time to fish but there is always somewhere to find fish and should be a great trip.


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      Originally posted by LO Steel View Post
      and very likely want to try with a guide for kings on the Kenai.
      Set your expectations accordingly.

      ADFG is predicting the SMALLEST Kenai late run in modern record keeping. To conserve an equally troubled and historically SMALLEST early king run, any king fishing in July will constrained to the the lowest reach below the Slikok sanctuary at RM 19.

      Last year the July fishery started with no bait by emergency order. It would not be surprising to see 2014 EO'd more restrictively to start C&R on July 1 given the low numbers predicted.
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        Thanks for the information, though I wish it were better news. I have no problem with C&R anytime, and especially not on the Kenai. I'm torn about whether to try it anyway or to stick to the ocean and other rivers.


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          Thanks for replying. I'll check out the Parks Highway.


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            If you are in Soldotna it would be worth trying for reds from the bank,they tend to start to build up from the 13th july with the main lot hitting about the 15th.Swiftwater park is good for bank fishing and a lot of fun.Tight lines


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              I hate to sound like a broken record here but I hope you already made your halibut charter reservation.
              Many/most of the good guides book up 6+ months in advance. I hope you don't get stuck with a lousy guide because of this.
              Pike on the peninsula is a very long shot as ADF&G has done a good job of getting rid of most of them.
              I would avoid the Kenai King fishery altogether they are in trouble and need all the help they can get. Even the catch and release mortality is IMHO too much.
              You may find some early reds. You could hike in for rainbows or grayling. That would be fun.
              There are some nice lakes with some decent rainbows in them around the Peninsula.
              The first thing I would do is use the search feature on this website and read all you can. So much of this has been discussed multiple times over the years. Once you have read a lot then come back with questions to fill in the gaps.
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                The kenai king fishery is just to fragile, if dfg finally gets it in their minds that its not going to get better unless they close it altogether then there won't be and opportunity at all. I like fishing for kings but id rather have a few closed seasons now and bigger runs in the future. I have to say if you want kings you might want to try a terminal fishery like the homer fishing hole but the numbers still won't be great. Stick to reds and rainbows and maybe some of those fat peninsula dollies.
                Good luck


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