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Gulkana River May 2014

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  • Gulkana River May 2014

    Does anyone know the current conditions of Paxon Lake and the Gulkana River? I'm looking to get a cataraft float in this next weekend and could use any information anyone could offer, this will be my families first float on the Gulkana. I've heard you can get a tow to the outlet of the lake to get you into the river, but who do you contact for that? We'll be coming up from Anchorage and putting in after work on Friday, so I woud really prefer not to spend hours rowing accross the lake if possible. I have a motor for the raft but would prefer to keep the weight at home if possible being that I know it can't be used outside of just crossing the lake. Is it possible to get to SD around noon on Sunday, and if so is there a shuttle to get my truck from Paxon? Again; any useful information out there would be greatly appriciated.

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    That is a not going to happen! Paxon is still covered and we do not put clients on that section most years until week 2 of June. This year should be much sooner but the outlet can get clogged with ice even when the lake is ice free. A safe plan is 2 weeks at best.

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      I would be very surprised if Paxon lake was open this coming weekend. However, I haven't been by there in a few weeks, so maybe someone with more recent info will chime in.


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        Kwilliam do some searching on the Rafting forum and you will find tons of info on the Gulkana. 5 days makes for a nice trip. 3 full days would be extremely fast. Friday evening to Sunday afternoon would suck IMO.


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          I was there Saturday. No way will ice be gone in 7 or 8 days. There was only about a foot or two melted from the shoreline. I will say however that it appears farther along than lake Louise which surprised me.
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            I drove down that way this past weekend. Paxson is still froze up pretty good. A little open water around the inlet, not much. I saw 2 people ice fishing on Summit still.


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              Thanks for the replies; like everyone I have the itch toget out and put some flies on the water. I'm not familiar with that floatbecause I'm normally fish out on the peninsula. I thought maybe witht he nice weather we could get an early trip in up there. So thanks and I appreciate anything you guys canoffer.


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