Anchorage lakes ice out?



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  • Anchorage lakes ice out?

    Just had knee replacements and have not been able to get out and check the local lakes. Are any thawed and fishable yet? Looks like I'll be fishing the local lakes this summer as with the recovery from surgery I won't be hiking or wading the creeks and rivers as usual.

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    Jewel lake is wide open!! Sand is slowly but surely getting there. Shouldn't be long with this outstanding weather.

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      Point Campbell/Little Campbell (aka Beercan lake) was probably 90% open, with a sheet of ice about 1/4" thick down at the south end. Dock space is a premium for those fishing. My son and I paddled around a bit in the canoe Sunday, no fish seen caught or strikes. Left there around 11:30 and put in at Sand Lake off 80th. That channel has ice about 1" thick, broken and a small channel along the bank to get out in the lake. The rest of the lake was open with a very few places with ice along shore, mostly southern lots. Was a few others boating, rowing and one other fishing. While out on the lake for a couple hours the wind had blown the ice in that channel further south and it was packed in a bit tighter than when we came out, but still passable by canoe.

      All in all, fishing wasn't good but the weather was and it was so nice to get back on the water.


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        Delong is wide open.
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