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  • Teach a guy to fish??

    Hello all. I have been in Fairbanks for about 6 years now. I spend a lot of time making a mess and snagging everything but fish, However it does slightly resemble a weak attempt at fly fishing. I would like to learn how to salmon fish. I do not know anything about it. I do not know what gear I need or have any idea how to go about starting. or were to even go. I do understand that there will likely be some travel needed. I do have camping gear, a 4 wheeler and a kayak, and a cooler I can fill with beer and jerky, but I need someone who is willing to teach me. If anyone is interested in taking me under their wing so to speak please let me know. Like I said I am in Fairbanks. Thanks -Bob

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    I live near Fairbanks and would be willing to help ya out. Tell me more about you and when you can fish.

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      RG 86 you should really take Stid up on this, maybe mention that you like to hunt while out fishing and see where it all leads.
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        Already sent him a P.M. and I do like to hunt. But i like to fish more. Stid let me know if the P.M. didn't go through. I am somewhat new to all this forum stuff. thanks -Bob


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