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  • Sportsmans Landing boat launch fees

    Please I need help from those that have used Sportsmans for more than a few years. I first started floating the Upper from Sportsmans to Jims about 12 yrs ago and for many years it was common to float multiple times in the same day only paying the fee once because the permit was good for 24 hrs. Now in the last year or two they take your permit when you leave and tell you that you must pay for every launch. I was told that it has ALWAYS been that way(which I know is false) and I believe the concession is just trying to gouge people for more money. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    It has been a few years now they have been taking permits when you leave.....Russian river does the same thing for even parking.....More bodies more money.......Just like paying to launch memorial day through labor day....Even as a resident we dont get a break.
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