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    Son and I coming up in August to do a couple of days of fly-in fishing for Silvers. One day is without a guide. What can you suggest we bring? We fly fish, but wonder if we should include spin gear just in case. Would we need a net?

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    Where are you going to??
    I have such a hard time trying to decide which outdoor activity to do every chance I get!! Living in AK is a mental challenge


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      Out of Soldotna, over Bristol Bay to a couple of those rivers.


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        I'm guessing that the first day you'll be using the guide?
        Ask him what you need to fish solo after being with him for the day, before you get here. get as much info from the guide in the time you spend with him as possible. Will you be fishing out of a lodge? Will you have access to a boat or raft? Will you be transported (on the unguided days) to a fishing area? I'm sure that a landing net would be helpful, but is that something available locally as a loaner or for a small rental fee? I'd say the same thing for the spinning setup.


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          A few suggestions. Bear spray, all the flies you have, you don't need a net. If you are going to keep any fish you need a stringer, rope, and something to bleed them with. If you have spinning gear take it. You never know what the Silvers might turn on to. If you are going into bear country for the day, bring a bear proof container for your lunches etc. Might need some bug repellant. Deet. Hope you have a great time!!!


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            Thanks Gary and MT Guy. If you think of anything else, please let me know.
            Actually I will be taking a guided trip first, so I will definitely be learning a lot from them.
            Plan is to do guided fly-in, guided day on the Kenai, un-guided fly-in, then back to the Kenai
            for more boat fishing. We've done the boat thing, it's the fly-ins that are new to us.
            Again, thanks for the suggestions.
            Dolly (George) Dolly came from catching a few


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              Bring a extra pair of socks for a additional layer if your wader shoes/hip boots allow for an extra room. If your like me, you spend most of your time in the river/lakes while fishing, and having a extra layer on will keep you in the water longer thus more fishing time. A lot of lower 48 fisherman tend to forget our waters are a little colder, and tend to "take a break" to warm up there feet. Are you bring two pairs of wading shoes like felt or lug patterned? To save space and money, invest into a pair of Korkers that can be worn with both. Info can be found here:
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