fishing the Kenai Penninsual and Valdez




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  • fishing the Kenai Penninsual and Valdez

    Hello. Our long awaited trip is finally approaching, we have booked three days guided fishing with Kenai Cache for reds on the Kenai and Wolverine Creek and silvers on the Kustatan. We're thinking my husband might want to fish a bit on his own as well. Wanted to know what spots you might recommend to just fish for a little while before or after other activities as we go along our trip. We'll be in Alaska the last week of July and first week of August, staying at Seward, Cooper Landing(I guess the Russian is a given), Soldotna, Girdwood, Copper Center, Valdez and Palmer/Hatcher Pass. doesn't have to be just salmon, just good quick shore fishing with easy access. He prefers fresh water and prefers spinner to fly, especially if we are on our own. Any spots you would recommend and what weight pole(medium, light, etc), lures, etc do you recommend? Thanks.

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    Any advice at least on Valdez? What are good spots and is it worth it to spend some time fishing from shore there. Since Valdez is about a week later than our other fishing opportunities, it makes a difference as to whether we buy a 2 week license or not, which is a bit more $. Feedback on my other questions would still be great if anyone has any input. Thanks!


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      CHECK the current regulations. Crooked Creek just south of the Kasilof River, say 20 miles south of Soldotna, opens Aug 1. A bare hook and bead, a bit of weight. Dollies to 20". Same area is Johnson lake, wadeable near the lilly pads, stocked rainbow. Eagle Rock off the Kenai Spur, a $10 pay site, good bank fishing for pinks and silvers. Quartz and Crescent Creeks flow into Kenai Lake, rainbows and Dollies.

      Maybe you can get a few more replies. Still have a month or more. Get the two-week, you would not have to pass up any opportunity.


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        You should hit Jim Creek or the Eklutna Tailrace near Palmer for silvers. It's shore fishing with easy access (you had better have a 4WD to get back to Jim Creek, although I've seen somebody take a VW Beetle back there) and spinners work well. You also get to see a side of Alaska that they don't show in the brochures.


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