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Reports from the North?

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  • Reports from the North?

    Any one have any reports on how the fishing on the Gulkana, Klutina, or any other streams in that area?

    My family is leaving Alaska for a bit and was wanting to do some fishing on the way out. I am game for what ever I can catch but my wife is wanting to do some Salmon fishing. I think that it is a little early for up there but I figured you guys would be able to give me more accurate information. Should be in that area this coming weekend.


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    Look at my post. Look who showed up! I was one of the few who ventured out for early Sockeye and was rewarded for my efforts. It should only get better as each day passes. Oh, I was also the only one in the campground as well. Priceless!


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      Was that the klu or what? Might head up within a weeks time.
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