Seward reds on the fly?



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  • Seward reds on the fly?

    See the reds are starting to run in Seward. Anyone here have any success catching them on a fly (in the mouth) instaed of snagging? Just wondering. Don't feel like snagging my fish and hoped flossing or lining them is doable.

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    we were just down there loads and loads of people with very little fish being caught trollers were out in full force and heard from a guy that went by to talk to them and they told him they got 260,000 lbs yesterday. he could of been blowing smoke but we counted 5 total in the bay. we noticed the fish if any fish were moving up were in 1 and 2's. tried the fly rod with no sucess. good luck
    -Tight Lines & head shakin


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      I was down there Friday and Saturday. I got my limit of six on Friday in about 30 minutes. Saturday was very slow just like 900 Fusion said. If they're in thick like they were on Friday I'm sure you could flip for them with a fly rod and do pretty well. However, there are hundreds of people down there lined up on both sides of the channel that are snagging, so if you don't land your fish pretty quickly you're likely to get tangled up with somebody else's line and lose your fish. I saw it happen a few times. The guys next to you may stop fishing so you can land your fish, but the guys across the channel may not be paying attention or they just may not care. So, you may want to fish above the fresh water sign to avoid the snaggers or use a heavy enough leader to get your fish in fast.


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        Remember to stay downstream of the freshwater markers till after the freshwater area opens to salmon fishing on the 16th then it's FFO rules.


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