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    I am going to be one of the chefs for Winterlake Lodge on Finger lake. I will be near Happy River, Canyon Creek, Upper Skwentna River, Red Creek

    I spent numerous years fishing for Rainbows, Cutthroats, Steelhead and Salmon in rivers in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I know Alaska is going to be different than Drift fishing.

    I am looking for any gear advice for fishing for the lake and stream trout and Salmon in the area I will be in. I have the rods and reels, looking more for line class, flies, and lures mainly.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Don't know those waters, but sounds like a potentially great opportunity. Except for Kings (10-12 wt gear), I think you can handle most Alaska freshwater species with a 5 wt and 8 or 9 wt fly gear. Floating line works nearly everywhere if you bring plenty of split shot. A sink tip can be valuable. Leech patterns, egg patterns, beads... if you tie, just bring raw materials. If not and if you're flying into Anchorage, then drop by one of the local fly shops, Mossy's, Worldwide Angler or Mountain View Sports. Mossy's and Worldwide are always staffed by knowledgable individuals. Best of luck.
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      Looking at Google Earth, I don't know how you will be accessing local waters from the lodge. There are probably trails and what not. To get to some of the better fishing you will have to cross the Skwentna. Up that far the river is pretty rough going. I know that air boats go up that far, but I don't know anyone else that goes beyound the Tal.

      Some of the best fishing is down stream of you a few miles on the Talachulitna.

      The Skwentna is a glacial silt filled stream and there is little fishing going on in it. Where the clearer streams come in is where you will find it fishable if something lives there.


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