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  • Paxson Lake open?

    Does anyone know if Paxson Lake is open? Looking to head down there next week. Thanks for the replies.

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    Lake Louise isn't quite open unless it went out today. I would believe that Paxton would go out very soon. Call the lodge before you go to be sure. Next week is almost a sure thing.
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      I camped at the BLM campground on Paxson Lake Sunday night (left yesterday morning). There is about 30 yards of open water around shore, but solid ice beyond that. It'll be a little while yet (unless maybe the wind really picks up and chops the ice up). Lots of ice on many of the Denali Highway lakes, too. Creeks were mostly high and muddy, though some have started clearing up.


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        You can expect the lake to break up and open by June 7-8 most years. I have my first groups floating the upper Gulkana on the 12th of June. Shoot the BLM or the Lodge a call and they will give you the best reports!

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          Thanks for the replies!


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            The North end of the lake is open. From about the campground down still has some ice on it but Most of the shore is open.
            I fished the upper end of the lake all night with no luck. I dont know what i did wrong...


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              When I came through Saturday morning, the lake appeared to be completely open. There was no ice on the northern end of the lake, so I drove down to the launch at the campground. The launch is open and there was no ice visible from there as far as I could see.


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