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  • Ninilchik River Memorial weekend

    Spent memorial weekend down at the anchor river and didn't catch a single king. Saw 3 caught within a 10min timespan by a family 50 ft up river from me. Feeling down I told my girlfriend to stop by the ninilchik river for a bit. I promised to bring back a fish and I delivered 30inch hen caught in 5 mins of arriving. No fish scale on hand. Im guessing somewhere from 20 - 25lbs. She struck on pink fly like a linebacker. I I took the eggs out as soon as I could for some custom curing.

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    Was it delicious? Im still hunting for my first one! The frustration will begin to mount soon. Im not gonna give up though.
    Makin fur fins and feathers fly.


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      Nice to see the crik is still kickin' out a decent Memorial weekend fish.

      Brings back very fond memories from my teens and early 20's. Eleven straight opening weekends, most of them on a nippy Friday night at Butch's Hole waiting patiently for the midnight hour to arrive.

      35 years later, the sights smells and sounds of those days gone by are firmly etched in my brain. Caught lots of kings since then, but those early Ninilchik fish hold a very special place in my heart.
      "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
      The KeenEye MD


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        missed the scuttle myself, first opener I have not fished (that I can remember) since the late 60's. think i was more into throwing rocks at the fish than catching them then . but did have a great day in the salt chasing them feeders!
        congrats S.S.


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          Very nice indeed, way to hang in there!
          Jedi Salmon Powers Activated!


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            thanks Jedi. now i've got king fever heheh. gonna try my luck at ship creek tonight. hope it doesnt rain to much.


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              Great looking fish. Congrats!


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