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  • Hike for Pike?

    Can someone suggest a lake in the Nancy lakes area for a nice dog walk/ Pike hunt? I have never for fished for em and I would like to try and nail one this year.

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    Redshirt lake is a good hike and you can rent a canoe to get away from the trailhead on the shore.


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      I agree, Redshirt is a 3 mile hike, about an hour hike if you walk at a good steady pace. You can rent a canoe and get away from all the people. I have always had the best luck with Regular green weedless frogs. Go and hit the weed beds where they kind of stand up out of the water like cats tails. Sit just outside the edge and cast your frog in to the shore, then twitch it back out (like a frog swimming sorta, but injured) and thats how I have always got them. Might take a bit to get the right twitch speed down but once you do you should be in for some good fishing. The LEAST amount of pike I have ever left with was 11 and that was only about 3 hours of fishing, and only God knows how many that got off.


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        O and one other thing, something I have learned from experience...they seem to like to come up and slam into the frog then let go, so what I do is let them hitthe frog then I stop for a few seconds then start again and 9 times out of 10 they would come back around and slam it hard and take it down then thats when I set the hook really good. Before I started doing this I would loose alot of them on the hook up but then I noticed that (atleast for me any way) they seemed to like to hit there prey I assume to confuse it then come back around to eat it. Might just be me but thats how I have had the best luck.

        Also the Reed beds seem to be over on the island just out from the trail head and on the far side, atleast thats where I have found the best ones and had the best luck.

        Good luck


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