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Rod Storage: Vertical or Horizontal

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  • Rod Storage: Vertical or Horizontal

    I'm running out of room in my garage, so thinking about mounting a rod rack on the ceiling.

    However, I've heard that storing fishing poles in a horizontal position for long periods degrades the "memory" of the rods. Is that a valid concern?

    Maybe the the "horizontal" solution is to break down the rod and store it that way, rather than keeping it fully assembled in the "ready to fish" mode and creating the potential for a bow to develop.

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    If memory is a concern defiantly break the rods down. To help with horizontal storage safety mount tubes into a rack or a rack that will handle 2" PVC tubes or cardboard tubes and store the rods in them. This will distribute the weight along the tub keeping racks that only contact the rods in two places and causing flexing mid span. This will also keep dust and other stuffs off the rod mostly. If more protection from dust is desired just stuff paper towl in the end of the tubes.


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      Probably leftover lore from a bygone era. It used to be said about bamboo rods, but it's hard for me to distinguish between simple deterioration from age and storage method. I've seen rods that spent their life stored in tubes as bad as those that spent it stored horizontal.

      Look at it this way- If horizontal storage was a problem for graphite, would they leave composite airplane wings flat? I have original graphite Fenwick fly rods that have been stored flat for 40 years, and they're still fine.
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