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Got some rainbow fishing in today

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  • Got some rainbow fishing in today

    Found some bows yesterday while out dinking around and decided to try and catch a few today.Loaded up the wife and two kids and headed out to get the line wet.I only got to fish about an hour due to the teething 6 month old but had a blast!Hooked five 20+ inch bows and a few misses,One good thing is that my 2 year old daughter is definitely is gonna be another C&R fisherwoman,I just took them out of the water for a quick pic and she wanted them back in the water now!Through a little fit until I did and upon the release she'd wave and say bye fish,it was to funny.

    Here is lily telling me to put it back

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      Killer pics as usual. Didn't you just get a bear? Now these rainbows? Your makin' us all look lazy here!

      -You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Kotton again.
      "When the time comes for a man to look his Maker in the eye, where better could the meeting be held than in the wilderness?"


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        That's how it starts, memories of fishing with Dad and the family in Alaska. Next thing you know Lily is another Joan Wulff showing the boys how it's done, just like her husband Lee. Lee Wulff was an Alaskan, born in Valdez. Rep points to Lily for the Catch and Release. Tight lines.
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