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  • Deshka River Jet Boating

    Anyone run over to the Deshka River in a Jet boat? How is the Big Sue, and the Deshka it's self? I have a 18' flatbottom w/ a 55 jet. Would really appreciate any info as I am new to running the area. Thanks

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    With your sled you can boat the Deshka easily if you are good at navigating skinny water.Your baot can get to the weir and beyond if you are capable as a driver. Beware that there is alot of boat traffic, jet and air boats, and that the river is narrow. Just a few years ago a man was killed in a boat collision on that river. Pay attention with eyes and ears. I did it many times in my 16ft jon with a 55jet, I even go up a few miles in my 22ft inboard.

    The BigSu has TONS of water and silt bars to go with it.The key to the turn for the Deshka is to get beyond the bar in the SU before making the turn. As you approach you will notice a cabin up on the bluff at the confluence, head for that cabin until you are on the cutbank/bluff side of the channel before you make the upstream turn toward the Deshka. Sometimes the bar is very noticable, sometimes it is not.

    Safe boating and good fishing to you !


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      I wouldn't run to the deshka with a prop.
      Jet is the way to go.


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        Easy Run

        The run from the landing to the mouth of deshka is pretty easy. I run my 18ft jon with 60 jet all around the su. In fact the run from the landing to the deshka was my first river run I ever did. I never had any problems. Its about a 10-15 min run to the mouth of deshka. What I did was launch and waited untill someone else was going down river and followed them. Though now I think that was not necessary as the run is simple. Just look out for derbies floating down the river.


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          Deshka River jet boating

          Thanks alot for the info, very helpful.


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            The river was great today. It's an easy river to run, but follow .338's advice carefully.
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              lots of people run to the deshka with props


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                The sand bar is not the part you need to worry about.............about a quarter mile up from that right hand turn (to the deshka) the river goes from a deep about a foot in the main channel. Don't freak out and don't slow down! LOL I have made it to the deshka with a prop it can be done with out tearing up a prop or skag. However if you go any where else I would recomend getting a power lift for your boat.


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