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    Hey all-I'm normally on the saltwater forum. I have a trip booked for August to Juneau-but I don't think I can last that long. I've been checking flight prices and I think I can afford a June trip to AK. I'm thinking Anchorage area. Been hearing some about Ship creek. I'm retired military-so I'm guessing I can get in on guest lodging at Richardson. Can anybody give me their take on Anchorage June Salmon/dollie prospects? When/where. I can figure out the with what part.
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    I wouldn't fly/spend the money to come up here and just fish Ship Creek. I would guess on a typical day down there I see between 5-15 kings caught, that's with 100s fishing. If you book it for after June 11th the Russian River will be open I'd suggest heading there. If you are set on a King, do a charter or maybe get some tips from someone on here for the Parks Streams. Ship Creek, while convenient isn't exactly the most scenic place to fish in Alaska.


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      Since you are retired military you should check into the MWR facilities in seward or valdez for salmon or halibut charters.The guy who is running the valdez one is on here as well his name is Warren he is a stand up guy.
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        Originally posted by Mashesta View Post
        I wouldn't fly/spend the money to come up here and just fish Ship Creek. ... ..... If you are set on a King, do a charter or maybe get some tips from someone on here for the Parks Streams. Ship Creek, while convenient isn't exactly the most scenic place to fish in Alaska.
        Agreed. Ship Creek is a nice distraction for a couple hours before or after work but chances are pretty low and the King fishing is slow at it's best. Chances are only slightly higher than the Eklutna Tailrace. For my efforts of fishing Ship last season I probably tried 20 days (2~3 hours per day) last season and had ONE good day of fishing (of coarse that was the one day my hardware failed by the numbers) the rest of the time I typically saw 2 ~ 3 kings pulled out along the entire river for every 100 people trying. Those were typically caught by the same dozen or so people with the magic bait formula and the time to be on the river every tide)

        Parks streams for the last 2 seasons have been a bust. They do come through but not in the numbers or sizes the travel guides would have you believe.

        sad fact is that bank fishing for kings on the north cook inlet is not typically a high success activity.

        Best bet for a king in the Anchorage area is a Charter boat on the Little Su or down to the Deshka, odds are about the same either way. Both fisheries are about the same kind of deal as you would expect on Kasilof river.

        For Dollies or Rainbows on the other hand... take your pick... pretty much any lake, stream or river will have some action. Even several of the lakes on the bases are stocked.


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          I've heard that the MWR facility does have boat rentals. I have all the license and certifications to rent from MWR-but know the rivers there are a little more ahhh different than what I'm used to. I fished one river near Fairbanks a few years ago- and the current was a bit "scary" for me. I'm mainly looking for sockeye, dog, and the occasional dollie... I feel like I'm going to get some silver and pink in Juneau in August and I'm not set on king-I've caught them before and am just as happy catching 20 pink as than 1 king. Not interested in halibut and I'm not interested in huge crowds. I'm mainly looking for some road side places where I can wade in and catch a few in some different places. I know it sounds like I'm picky-I'm not. I just know what I enjoy. After trips to Fairbanks and Juneau, I've learned the types of AK fishing that turns me on. The roadside - creek/river fishing / bank fishing is what I like best!
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            I'd go Russian River/Kenai then. Hike to the falls, you can find holes with Reds (assuming they are in) and be all alone. Pack a gun or bear spray. Try different spots along the Kenai as well for variety. Bring a 5wt fly rod with you and fish for dollies/trout when you aren't playing with the reds.


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              That's what I've been thinking. I'm a little concerned about the reputation of the "combat fishing" but I'm willing to give it a try. I usually like to fish with almost nobody around. Funny-if I find myself alone-I always feel like I'm breaking the law. Man, I pray I don't have to shoot a bear. I have absolutely NO desire to kill a bear! but have less a desire to be eaten by one. I hunt a lot, just never cared for killing bear. Not against it-but don't want to shoot something I'm not going to eat... then spend a day getting interigated by the police. If I ever have to shoot one-it will be in self defense as a VERY LAST RESORT!
              If you could pick a date in June that you felt was a spot on-sure fire bet for reds being thick on the Russian-what would you pick?
              "'s called fishing... it's not called catching..."


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                Hard to say, last year the Russian was a harder place to fish most of the season IMO. I know several people that went home empty handed opening day. I only managed I think 1 or 2 opening day last year. The year before that they were in so thick I think 2nd or 3rd week they opened the Sanctuary and upped the limit to 6 a day. You can check out historic fish counts here:


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                  Another thing to think about. Yes, there is combat fishing on the Russian. However, this happens because everyone converges on the easily accessible spots. If you just hike up the river a little bit you'll get out of the crowds well before the falls. With bears, just make some noise while you're fishing (talk loudly and such). I've had a few bear encounters (15 ft at one point) and never had to shoot any. Especially at the Russian, I found the bears to be very non aggressive. One walked up through the brush and stood maybe 25-30 ft in front of me before I noticed it. It wouldn't even make eye contact since it couldn't care less about me. I just backed off slowly and all was fine. As long as you're smart and aware (I've been guilty), you should be fine. Though, personally, I'd suggest getting bear spray, even if you bring a gun. You can use it before "last resort", won't harm the bear, and is easier to aim in a panic stricken hurry.
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