Question for those using braided, What about your leaders with Bait



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  • Question for those using braided, What about your leaders with Bait

    I'm making the switch to braided for the upcoming season. Used a buddies rod a bit a really like the feel of it.

    So for casting lures, straight to the lure with the braid no problem.

    What are you guys doing for your egg, or bait rigs? Typically I have a bunch of egg snells tied up and just keep going into the bag.

    Question is, are you guys using braid for the hook to line connection. Or keeping a hook and mono connection to your braid?

    I'm back and forth, I "think" the mono provides better invisability under water, just wondering about tieing in 30 pound mono or so, into 12lb dia braid?

    Just wanted to take a poll,,,thanks

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    I always go with a leader for bait. Just put a snap swivel in the end of the braid using a palomar knot. I actually prefer mono leaders with lures too, mostly due to the reduced tendency to tangle with hooks. Doesn't have to be all that long, and if I'm not sure how long I'll have a lure on I just tie the leader right into the eye of the lure, put a loop in the other end and hook that into the snap on my braid. No big advantage in that, until you find you're getting your hook tangled in the braid now and then.
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      I typically buy the Gamakatsu pre-made bait rigs. You can get single hook, double fixed- and double sliding-hook setups. The mono they use is excellent quality, too. Always use some sort of mono leader with bait, as it's much more resistant to abrading from their teeth/lips/gills. I use the same attachment as BrownBear...palomar a snap swivel on, then tie the leader to that. I usually just make a simple small over-hand loop in the mono and slip it onto the snap. I've caught literally hundreds of salmon with this same basic setup, either using herring or eggs.


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        I run a length of flourocarbon leader material between my braid and hook (about 18"-24").


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          If you are fishing eggs in a loop do not use braid.It will cut through the egg membrane on nearly every cast.I run 50 lb Power Pro with a sliding swivel on my main line,bead for a cushion,then snap swivel.Slider allows for weight adjustment.Mono leader with egg loop.After I've tied egg loop I pull out leader from eye of hook and run a pre-twisted length of pipe cleaner over leader then thread leader back through the hook eye.The little section of pipe cleaner protects the eggs from being cut and adds some extra color.Sometimes (when legal) I'll add scent to the pipe cleaner as well.Works exceptionally good.


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            Mono leader with a twist

            When fishing bait I'd never use a braid for leader. :mad: It'll cut your bait every cast..
            I run 50 lb Power Pro for main line,put a sliding swivel (for weight adjustment)on main line,a bead for a bumper,then another swivel.When I tie my leader with an egg loop ,I'll pull the leader out of the hook eye after it's tied and slip a pre-twisted length of pipe cleaner on leader then put it back through the eye.Pipe cleaners come in a variety of colors and offer some protection from the mono cutting through your egg membranes.Besides that it will hold some extra scent to make your offering that much more inticing. :topjob:
            This little tactic has worked very well for me.And I use any advantage that I can.


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              Good stuff guys. Kind of the feedback I figured I'd get. And glad I don't have to re-tie the 50+ mono egg loops I have. I do like to omit a swivel though. In the past I've used a blood knot, mono to mono when tieing on hooks, somehow in my head that gives me a better presentation but who really knows

              I really like the idea of the pipe cleaner, or something similar. I actually played with some narrow red electrical tape last year, can't say it helped either way.

              Not too long till we will be back on the rivers!!


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                When I don't have any pre-twisted pipe cleaners I always tie a short piece of yarn in my bait loop.That makes it so much easier to re-bait plus adds color and will also hold scent.Food for thought..........


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