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Memorial weekend on the Denali hwy

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  • Memorial weekend on the Denali hwy

    Planning on loading the motorhome and going across the Denali Highway for Memorial day weekend, doing a little fishing and looking for a spring bear. What can i expect this early in the year and and good places to spend some time. Bud

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    You can expect a lot of mosquitos and a lot of grayling. Every clear water stream that crosses the hwy will have grayling. If you get away from the road the fishing is better and are less skittish. Even near the road you could work up and down and catch 40-60 fish in an afternoon. Take light tackle and the fight is awesome. The Tangle Lakes are another must stop. You could expect lake trout, grayling, and whitefish. If the ice is not fully out, just fish the edges and you will have success. For bears, find a high spot and spend time looking thru a spotting scope or binoculars. You might get lucky and see one near the road, but you will have better luck if you hike to somewhere out of sight of the road.
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