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    I've been reading these forums for a couple years now and generally try to read existing threads to find my answers, but the more I read the more questions I have so I thought I'd just start a thread of my own regarding this topic:

    Where are good places for beginners to camp and fish?

    To be more specific:
    I have been here all my life but my family never fished, I am obsessed with it now, especially now that I have my own three kids and I am trying to teach myself to fish so I can take them and pass it on to them. The problem is I have no idea what I'm doing and I tend to not want to get in the way of other anglers that do know what they're doing. I know that the season is short and some of the more accessible fisheries are going to be crowded, but are there any places that you experts would suggest that I go where I can take my time to figure out what I'm doing, all the while not accidentally tangling other people's lines and snagging them in the face?

    It's not that I'm passive and am afraid of bothering people, it's just that I want other people to enjoy their pastime too without some idiot (me) ruining thier favorite fishing hole while he figures out what and what not to do.

    What really brought this question forward for me was that I was going to head up to Tangle Lakes with my wife on the weekend of the 21st. The time is simply because that is when our kids are going to be doing something else with the grandparents and we thought we'd scope out a new place to camp before dragging them up there with us.
    Then I read that the area may still be frozen during that time (what was I thinking?) The place we normally camp is King Mountain, which is nice, but I'm bored there, I don't know what to do in that area, and the highway noise is louder than pitching a tent in my front yard.

    So maybe this is two questions:
    1. Do you have any suggestions of places for a beginner to fish from the shore that he can kind of learn what he is doing without bugging everyone else? (Lakes or streams, any kind of fish really.)
    2. Do you have any suggestions on fun places to camp anywhere between Palmer and Fairbanks where there may be some fishing too?


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    Tangle Lakes are usually iced up until early-mid June. I would expect that most of the streams will be open in late May & may offer some grayling, but not sure.
    Most of the Valley streams have state campgrounds close by - Willow at the mouth (& private camping at the bridge), Goose - near the mouth, Montana - camping available on both sides of the highway. none will be "crowded" at the end of May, but once kings start they do get busy. I'm not sure if they will even be open prior to Memorial Day. Sometimes they open early, but no services are available.


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      There are a zillion places to get your line wet. And you won't bother anyone if you stay out of their personal zone (just don't fish right next to someone in a wide area). Check out my Iphone app Fish Finder (still being worked on) or go to AK Fish and Game website for list of stocked lakes (if you want to practice some lake fishing). Nancy Lake area should be opening up, and might be a good place for a relaxing weekend.

      You might want to think about fishing for Chum and Pinks in July/August as well. These species are rarely targeted, easy to find, and a lot of fun to practice on. People tend to congregate to the same locations because other people do the same. Kind of a group effect. However, this state is FULL of easy access fishing, and its not hard to find your own little paradise. Here in the next couple days, I'll post some video and pictures to FISH FINDER I got at Lorraine Lake (Pt. McKenzie), which is easy access, public, and as you will see, chalk full of rainbows and grayling up to 20 inches.
      Download the free Alaska fishing app FISH FINDER for Iphone!


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        Thanks everyone for the info, and thanks for the PM's. I purchased the Highway Angler book and dang, I wish I had read that before asking so many questions! After reading through the book I already have several trips planned for the summer and will report back for beginners. Thanks everyone!


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