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  • What roe for Kings works best

    I will be heading down to the Kenai Peninsula at the end of the month and would like to pick the minds of the many informed on here as to which pre made Roe works good to better then others for Kings?

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    I don't use eggs but be very careful were you use them, not every place on the KP allows the use of eggs. If you want some eggs that work my suggestion is ask people on here if they have any to sell or maybe trade. most that crap you by in walmart of where ever couldn't catch a cold!


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      By regulation,the Kenai is closed for bait fishing until July 1st.However,last June after ADFG closed the river entirely,it was re-opened and bait was authorized to use.Go figure......Keep an eye out for EO's (emergency orders) on ADFG website.It can change by the hour.....


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        I agree with the prepackaged stuff from Freddies & Walmart. It's garbage. I think it's the procure stuff. Although I never used it seems like the Alaska Bait Co. eggs that come in the clear containers at least look fishable.

        I would go without bait and when you catch a hen keep the eggs and cure them yourself.


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          Best eggs to cure for catching kings come from kings.

          Next best bait egg comes from chums.... very versatile egg that is easily dyed any color and produces a very visually pleasing bait.

          Coho and pinks are next down the line and yield very similar results for me.

          Worst egg for a cured bait comes from sockeye. I reserve these strictly for fresh uncured applications.
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            I agree Kings and chums are the best (to cure and use); steelhead are'nt that bad too.


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              I routinely fish king and silver eggs in the summer side-by-side that I put up in the previous fall in our WA salmon fishery where we fish both species at the same time. As long as they are cured well and changed frequently, I can't say I see a diff. in results Have about 150 lbs in the freezer in the bed of the pick-up to add to what I stored last July / August for a nice start for this season.


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                Originally posted by sniper3083006 View Post
                I will be heading down to the Kenai Peninsula at the end of the month and would like to pick the minds of the many informed on here as to which pre made Roe works good to better then others for Kings?
                I do not live in Alaska - born and raised in Washington State, born and raised a river salmon fishermen, fished and cured a ton of bait. Born and raised a bait fishermen!

                Rented a motor home last year and cruised MatSu valley with the fam-damily. I did not have time or sources to cure eggs to bring with me, nor did I know anyone up there to get eggs from.

                My nephew works and lives in Anchorage, and a few years ago he brought me to a store called B & J Sporting Goods (Corner of Northern Lights and C street). I called them from where I live (Montana) before my motor home trip last year, the guy there told me about Nate's Bait King Eggs, he said they were the BEST.

                Well... you know, everyone has the BEST eggs! I bought 3 tubs and my nephew put them in his freezer until I arrived in Anchorage. We got the motor home and proceeded to camp at various sites on the MatSu, Sheep, Sunshine, etc. for Silvers in mid August.

                I like to get up and be on the river at sun-up, there is almost always a killer egg bite for at least a half an hour to an hour after first light. Let me tell you, the Nate's Bait King Eggs KICKED ASS. There were guys fishing below me with bait and I was getting bites 2 to their 1 up river from them. I was totally impressed with Nate's Bait King Eggs from B & J Sporting Goods!

                Rock on... I love fishing eggs, something about that first little nibble... then chomp, chomp-chomp... then YEE HA - FISH ON!!!

                Try Nates!


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                  I haven't targeted kings up here much in my short tenure. I look forward to it more and more often. I will say I just mass cure my sockeye eggs quick and dirty and have had great success with them on silvers.

                  I hear all the bad news with them on King's so I usually look for something else. Probably will try some of the recommendations here.

                  Have the folks coming up in a few weeks and looking forward to a day on the Kasilof with Bob's group (PP) ... I look forward to burning through some of that bait.


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                    any eggs + borax + raspberry jello

                    what fish can resist raspberry jello??
                    Passing up shots on mergansers since 1992.


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                      you boys and yer eggs

                      this is like Ford v Chevy

                      or Husky v Stihl


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                        rhd- what flavor cure were you using?


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                          wat time is sun-up in Alaska


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                            Originally posted by 1875XA View Post
                            rhd- what flavor cure were you using?
                            They were king eggs with:



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                              Ya Buddy...been doing the same for 20 years and they work everytime...
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