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  • Epoxy Alevin SBS

    So this is the alevin pattern I'm fond of using, after trying out several variations of other patterns. Easy and quick to tie.
    Size 6 or 8 hook
    Orange chenille
    Flash & Marabou/Chickabou
    OR - small pearl mylar tubing
    Rubber tubing and black chenille for head/eyes

    I use globug hooks, but any short-shank, wide-gap hook will work. A wide gap hook is necessary to give yourself enough gap around the egg sack.

    I take a piece of small rubber tubing that float fisherman use to hold their line to the floats. It's little - like 1/8" OD. (Small silver bead chain eyes will also work.)

    So to start I cut a piece about 3/16" long and stick the hook through the middle of it and slide it up to the eye.
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    Tie in your thread behind the rubber tubing. The hardest part is not crowing the head and squishing the eyes into an oval. Make a small round body with orange chenille. If you want, you can also add a couple lead wraps first under the chenille for extra weight. Alevin should be fished like a nymph - they're not strong swimmers.

    This one is going to have a marabou body, so I add a couple pieces of crystal flash.
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      Tie in a small clump of marabou (white, gray, grizzly, etc.) on top of the flash.

      Trim and tie off.
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        Now I take my bobbin threader (or a doubled over piece of wire will work) and pull a doubled over piece of black micro/small chenille through the rubber tubing.

        Take your sharpest scissors and trim the chenille on each side of the head. Tip - when you're done, blow away what stray fibers you can from the eyes.
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          To do a pearl mylar body - same first steps. The just tie in a 1" piece of tubing for the body. Just lash it to the top.

          Then take some SH Hard As Nails and paint a ring around the tubing about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way towards the end/tail. This is just to keep it from unraveling all the way down to the head. Don't cement the whole thing or it'll make it more stiff/less movement. And don't cement the end because we'll unravel that for the tail. Just add a ring about where the brush is in the picture.
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            Same steps to finish out. After the SH dries fray the tail a bit.
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              Get a few put together and ready for epoxy.

              Wrap some epoxy around the eyes, chenille, and body base with a tooth pick and let dry. I like the tubing eyes because it gives a wide, 3D head with the translucent black eyes. But again, bead chain works too. A basic method that can be modified as you see fit. Have fun!
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                Wyo2AK. Wow thanks for the lessons. Very interesting and innovative ideas.
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                  good idea for the eyes!
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                    Slick. Thank you for putting this post together.
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                      pretty sweet, great SBS.
                      -Tight Lines & head shakin


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                        Nice, thanks for sharing.


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                          Great spring pattern.
                          Very creative, and well done SBS.
                          Rep +1 if I were allowed to do so.

                          To the vise I go (during my lunch break, of course ;-)
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