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Kenai King fly patterns

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  • Kenai King fly patterns

    Hey all. I'll be heading down to the Kenai in late July for a long weekend with my boys.
    Although we'll be targeting Reds, I've accidentally landed Kings from shore on a fly rod in years past.
    This year, I'm going armed with a new Spey setup and will be actively fishing for Kings during our stay.
    Question...what patterns should I be tying up for this endeavor.
    I started looking at large Intruder type flies last night. I also have some hot pink Big Fly Fiber that I've never used.
    Some direction would be appreciated.
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    Can't say for the Kenai because I avoid the crowds. But on other waters our go-to while swinging for kings has become the Dalai Lama in black/white with an orange cone. Some days other colors work better, but day in and day out, black/white is always a first choice.

    As important as fly patterns since you're aiming to swing will be carrying an array of sinking tips for your line. As water velocity and depth change, you'll need to make adjustments.
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      My recommendations are as follows: Large profile flies with lots of good wiggles and movement and very flashy. The following color combo's are my personal fave: Black/chartreuse, blue/chartreuse, black/blue, red/black. I typically tie dirty hoh style flies for chinook and make sure they are larger than steelie size. The dirty hoh is basically a cross between a string leech and an intruder. Good luck!
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