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  • +1 for mt. view sports

    I noticed some other posts pertaining to buying locally and supporting ak, which I'm proud to say I do as much as possible. I just visited mt. view and was given probably the best service I've ever seen. The younger guy at the counter went as far as to pull out his own flies and let me take pictures for ideas and pulled out bags of maribou and hackle that seem to have been strategically placed just outside of where everyone looks. Spent well over $100 on materials for sculpins and leeches and have a whole new insight into tying up the big articulated swingers. Thanks and keep it up!

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    Nice post.
    I enjoy Mt View Sports also.
    Their selection of fly rods/reels, waders, boots other clothing and tying materials is very good.
    They have many long-time customers who drop in and talk about where they're finding fish during the season.
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      6x, I know you dredged up an older thread there, but I love posts about local businesses that do way above average, and exactly how. That's cool. Thanks. :topjob:

      I don't think there is ever a time when too much positive information about local business shopping experiences can be told.

      Local (small) business referrals are vital to keep things locally owned/operated, as best as they still are. You don't want your shopping choices being limited by those overseas/Outside.


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        Mt. View Sports is my go to place for fly tying materials and guns. I love that place.


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          What was is Momma always said? If you can't say anything nice...

          Three rivers has always been great and I need to check out mossy's sometime soon.
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