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Planning...and some fishing.

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  • Planning...and some fishing.

    I'm really starting to get excited about my trip up there and ordered a copy of both The Milepost and The Highway Angler. I've looked at a lot of older posts and like on my other fishing site, that search function keeps you from being an idiot. Picked up some info on flies to fish with and a few streams to try. Settled on new fly lines and ready to order a new 8wt Tibor. I've wanted one for a while and figured this trip deserved a new reel. Anyway, thanks for the help on the books.

    Question for the day...Has anyone ever rented a skiff from Millers Landing and caught anything? I'm torn between renting one of those or booking a charter. I like renting a skiff because to gives us time to see Resurrection Bay on our own. Cruise the shore, sit on a beach, take a walk, stuff you woin't do on a charter. I will have some spinning gear and I do have a couple of planers I can bring to get some baits down under where the fish are. I know the weather will dictate what I do, just trying out all options. I know a charter gives me more fishing but it may not be what my daughter what she wants to do. A lot depends on how much fishing success we have early in the trip. I have it planned where we have a day at the end for a charter if we can't catch some on our own.

    I did get out and this is what's biting down here...want to get one of these on the fly next time out. Hope the snow and ice gets out of the way so you guys can wet a line.

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    Heck yeah rent a skiff! The Millers are really good people. There are restrictions on how far you can go with the skiff in the bay but you can still access good fishing. When will you be coming to town? If you can set you self up to troll for salmon and mooch with mooching rigs for rock fish/ salmon, you can do well. Also Millers do offer half day trips that will get you out there to see the bay before venturing on your own. Pm me if you have any questions!
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      Nice dolphin:topjob:
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