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    is there a book out there about fishing in some of alaskas rural rivers? not the ones that get floated by many every year, but really rural. especially the andreafski river in the lower yukon delta. just wondering whats way up there. thanks
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    Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska by Scott Haugen is a great book for most of Alaska if not all. You can find it on this site's Store. Once on the store side scroll down the left and click on fishing. You can find this book on the second page. I am not associated with the sale of the book nor the author/s.



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      Get Mike Strahan's book "float hunting Alaska" (or similar) and Karen Jetmarr's "Alaska River Guide". Those two along with the suggestion above will have you covered. Best books I know of for planning a float trip.
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        Jettmar includes the Andreafsky...

        For just pure info about rivers, there used to be some good AK rivers info on this site - surveys done by state employees which contained useful, day by day descriptions of river conditions and fish numbers, but I don't find it now. One of the mods can answer though... Mods?

        Karen Jettmar, whose 3rd ed of the book (see this site's bookstore) danattherock mentioned does include the Andreafsky and East Fork, is also planning a book on Arctic rivers - not yet published. Her River Guide comments briefly throughout about each rivers other rec opportunities including fishing.

        Tim Johnson's book, is in the AOD/OSA bookstore:, but focuses more on the Anchorage bowl area. Andrew Embick's work, Fast & Cold is an amazing work describing rivers all over the state, but no longer in print. I don't recall any talk about the fishing in Embick's book.

        Watch for Ms Jettmar's new book, but check out her classic, The Alaska River Guide.

        Good luck.
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