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  • Situk Steelhead Report 2011

    Big Cox and I got back last night: 27 Mar - 2 Apr Highlights of the trip below.

    Day 1: We arrived and fished the upper river. Found a mix of both dark and chrome fish, bright skys had them hidden with the undercut. Biggest of the afternoon was 33 inches. Beads and dark ESL. Fished local creeks for cutthroat trout. We both caught a few small and a couple 12-14 inchers, Wow my first costal cutty. Thanks to Bob at the Fly Shop for the advice before we left on th trip. Sorry I ddi not get by the shop while I was in town.

    Day 2: Fished lower river only saw a couple under heavy logs. Bright day again. called it at half time and salvaged the remainder of the day at the top above the bridge. A repeat of the afternoon before. The giant of the day was a 36 inch 19 inch girth Big Cox landed.

    Day 3: Bright sun again..upper river we go. looks like Friday brought in lots more people. We manage landed a couple fish each and lost a couple also. go dark today and finally called it for some more trout fishing at Tawah Creek in the late afternoon. BG managed a couple pink salmon also?

    Day 4: Rain and a float. We decided to drift the river and found lots of fish (thanks to overcast skys I think also) in the middle and lower/middle river. several steelhead caught, lost twice as many. lots of change up on what was presented. Thanks Tim for taking us for the drift. BG also landed a nice Dolly.

    Day 5: Slept in had drizzle in the AM/ sunny by mid day. Hit the Upper river again and it was he first day I did not land a fish, only hooked into a couple. Cox landed 2 or 3 and hooked twice as many. beads and dark patterns. We passed on some fish looking like they were redding up, looks like spawners about the upper river now. That evening I also got my first tatse of smoke salmon pizza, it was awesome!

    Day 6: Possible monkey sited as we departed. Flight was delayed and we should have hit a creek probably early in the morning for some more cutty. We heard rumors of lots more steelhead coming in the river on Day 5. If your going you should have a great time, lots of fish in the system.

    Another great adventure. Thanks again to Marak and Tim for hosting us. Video report to beadded soon.

    You can also view more photos of the trip by visiting

    here is a couple to hold you over:
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Jedi Salmon Powers Activated!

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    Yep, good peak timing to be there Steelheadin'. Have some 14' rental rafts (tan color SOTAR SP self-balers with drop stitch floors) down there on un-guided trips. These guys go every year around this week.


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      Nice fish fellas, I'm jealous!
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        Thanks for the report guys. Looks like a great trip.

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          Definitely another kickass trip! Cutthroats, steelies, dollys...can't complain one bit! Company was great, and our hosts were phenomenal! We should have the rest of the photos posted on the website tonight, check it out!
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          You know your not catching any fish when you start talking about the weather...


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            Such an awesome place!
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              Sweet! Glad to hear some of the flies I tied for y'all worked. Maybe next year ill make it down there haha.
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                Definately some sweet fish. The jealousy mounts......


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                  Nice work!
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                    nice job guys, i DO want to see the pictures of the "pink salmon" though!


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