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  • August trip

    I've been browsing the forums here for several months trying to learn as much as I can before I openly post my questions. I'm not looking for any specific "spots", just tell me whether or not I am going in the right direction. I'm a member of a forum like this one out of Charleston, SC and I know the grief some members can dish out when a "newbie" hits the boards so go ahead, I can take it...and ignore it :shot:.

    My trip is a father/daughter (14), see as much of Alaska as you can and fit in some fishing when the oppurtunity presents itself expedition. Started out as MY fishing trip but it will be so much more than that with her along. Now I just need to find out where driving and fishing cross paths. We fly in to Anchorage, grab an rv I rented, and drive to Seward, Homer, Talkeetna, Cantwell, Paxson, Copper Center (where I hook up with an old college buddy) and back to Anchorage. I have already added extra days to my rental since Alaska is harder to cover than I thought just a few months ago.

    I'm a do it yourselfer. I think it's because I enjoy even just a little success doing it on my own...but it could be I'm just stubborn. I am going to buy a couple of the books I have seen referred on other threads (Alaska Roadside Anglers Guide/FlyFishermans Guide to Alaska) and hopefully I can get most of my questions answered there.

    My biggest question is this. With that route, providing my own flyfishing stuff (4,6,8 wts) and some spinning rods, will I be around fish I can catch? I know you know nothing about my skill level but I have been fishing my whole life and don't think I would still be doing it if I wasn't catching some here and there.

    Thanks for whatever thoughts you long as...nevermind.

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    No worries there SC, you ain't alone.

    Another fella on the forum said awhile back that he "thought that he was slowly running out of stupid questions to ask"

    The book you mentioned, "FlyFishermans Guide to Alaska", by Scott Haugen and another book "Alaska Fishing" by Rene Limeres and Gunnar Pedersen have seemed pretty helpful and may have the kind of detailed info you're looking for.

    Congratulations on the fact that you'll have your daughter along to share the adventure - something you'll both always remember for sure.

    - Jay

    ps. Keep reading the forums - definitely packed with info


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      Couple of things you need and we need....

      First of all good for you opting to do it yourself! MUCH more rewarding.

      A couple of handy resurces for your trip would be The Highway Angler as well as a current copy of The Milepost both will prove to be invaluable, not only for Fishing Info, but also for points of interest, places to stay, eat, etc. (The Milepost specifically for that).

      If you could tell us a rough itinerary, how many days in the different Towns/Communities/Regions you're travelling to and thru, it might be a bit easier for us to help you dial in what would be the most time and cost efficient options available.

      Have a great trip.
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        Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a great trip planned for yourself and daughter. My question is have you cleared with the rv rental place that you are going over the denali hwy? I heard in the past they didn't like people taking the rentals over that hwy. With GPS I think they know every where the rv goes so just clear it with them first. You will have a great time and yes you to I'm sure can catch a fish
        Enjoy the trip.


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          Every creek you cross on the Denali highway has fish in it. I like to try the suuper small ones just for kicks and gigs. You will be amazed!


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            You can't go wrong fishing for Grayling along the Denali hwy... between ice out and ice in...


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              Yea, I have checked with the rv company and I do take on more responsibility for damage on any gravel road but I figure in late August there might not be as much traffic and hence a little less risk of damage to the rv. I've read to keep the speed down below 25 or so and that should minimize the risk of damage to replacing a windshield. I've also looked at every picture I could and it doesn't look any worse than the gravel roads I travel out West elk hunting. If anyone knows the highway and can give me some advice, thanks.

              Right now, travel is as follows. Anchorage to Homer and stay at least one night. That gives us time to both recuperate from the flight, enjoy our first taste of Alaska and see if we can strike silvers off the list of fish to catch. From there up to Seward for a glacier tour, staying two nights. I can either go North to Denali/Talkeetna or East to Copper Center. If we go East, then we will probably camp out for three nights over there and get a real taste of Alaska with my college buddy. Thinking right now is we might drive to Valdez to fish for pinks. North to Paxson and then West on the DH, stopping for at least one night, maybe two depending on the fishing and how many times we stop to just enjoy the scenery. On to Talkeetna and probably two nights. Might take the Denali bus tour but all depends on the weather. Anchorage and home from there unless I decide to turn in the rv, rent a car and get a charter out of Valdez. That's my charter option depending on how much and how good the fishing has been up until then.

              Thanks for the encouragement that at least I am not off my rocker so far. Will check out the Highway Angler and the Milepost.


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                well by the time you get here gas could very well be $6/gallon... It might be cheaper renting a car, and getting hotels... Or you could camp (which is way more fun IMO, although I'm 23 and lived in a car for a while). I think you have a good plan
                I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                  quote: "Yea, I have checked with the rv company and I do take on more responsibility for damage on any gravel road...."

                  Which RV rental outfit are you doing business with? I was thinking about asking the same question plus talking with my auto insurance company here at home to beef up my coverage if possible.

                  Thanks, Jay


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                    Good on ya for the father/daughter trip. Having raised mine to love the out-of-doors and do it yourself this is very close to my heart. My business is a do-it-youself business so take this as a father that has been there. While down on the Kenai Peninsula book a 1/2 day trip for silvers if available. Have the guide attend to the daughter and you just set back and take videos. I don't know how much you have worked with your daughter (taught mine to fish, fly fish and hunt, shoot and camp, basketball, soccer etc.) but it always was a little confrontational. Me always wanting her to have a great time spent too much time instructing and that became friction between us. Anyway my daughter all ways took what someone else said over dad even if it was the same thing... Hope you have a grand time.



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