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  • tube flies in ffo waters

    I posted this question in the freshwater forum, but it really should be here instead:

    Are tube flies considered legal in fly fishing only waters? (Assuming weight of the assembly is within limits and the hook gap is also within limits.)

    I can't find any reference on the subject beyond the definition of an artificial fly in the regs. The wording of the regulation definition would suggest that a tube fly would be considered an attractor above a bare hook. Would the eye of the hook being held by junction tubing make it a fly within the legal definition?:question:

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    when you ask a question like that you should go to FISH AN GANE for the answer, there some times they don't agree, but if the fish cop nails you when you see the judge you can tell the judge that the person at fish an game told you it was OK, so just remenber that there is a weight of the fly, in fly fishing only, chech the regs for the amount of weight ,


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      Yeah, I know. I was just hoping someone here had already asked a fish and game trooper about it. I thought it might be a good question for the ask a trooper forum, but from what I've seen on another thread, they might be a little backed up.

      I had tied up a few small tubes that are under the weight limit with hook included and was wondering if I could use them in ffo waters. I can just use them at Sheep till I have a chance to ask the troopers that actually patrol the areas I was thinking of.


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        after reading the regs about a million times I think they are legal to fish in FFO waters... I'm pretty sure you'd never get bothered about it if you use junction tubing and stay within hook gap and weight restrictions...
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          Anyone have a tube fly photo they'd be willing to post to help address the question?
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            Here is my 2 cents on this. First, by definition a tube fly is an artificial fly. Now, some rigged tube flies have the hook free floating behind the junction tube on a loop and some have the hook eye into the junction tube. The knot inside the tube anchors and holds the fly from free sliding on the leader. To be legal to use in say the Russian river, there can not be any weight used, such as lead eyes, coneheads or metal tubes. The problem I see is that when you see the word "attractor" in a fly fishing only water you are not thinking what that regulation is referring to...beads. That is the illegal attractor in fly fishing only water, unless the bead is tied directly to the hook and then it becomes a fly again. You can go to youtube and find all kinds of videos on tying and rigging tube flies. Tight lines.
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              Gamkatsu markets Russian River flies made for fishing the russian. They are tube flies. They sell them by the truckload out of Soldotna. I dont think they would if they were illegal.


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                This is from ADF&G Definitions:

                artificial fly (unweighted) means a fly which weighs less than one-fourth ounce in its entirety.

                Gear in fly-fishing-only waters
                One unweighted, single-hook, unbaited fly with gap between point and shank of ⅜" or less is allowed. The fly must weigh less than oz. Artificial flies are defined on page 5.
                If weights are used, they must be at least 18" ahead of the fly.
                Beads not attached to the fly are not allowed in fly-fishing-only waters.


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                  so I am guessing since it isn't attacthed to the hook it is not allowed in FFo waters?????????? It seems to me they would treat it just like a bead????? Awe who knows... I don't.


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                    Ask a wildlife officer 3 doors up has posted the answer. It looks like NO it is not Legal in FFO water.


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                      Thank you everyone for your thoughts on my original question. I guess either someone helped me out and forwarded it to the appropriate people or the troopers saw the threead and were helpful enough to copy it over to the proper forum.

                      I couldn't get past the way the regs were worded that would suggest the possibility of a tube fly being considered an attractor rather than a fly and I now have a definitive answer. I guess if it bugs me enough I can put a proposal in for the next cycle of regs. Now I know which flies I can use where.

                      Thanks again for the help!
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                        Good question, sibir. Here's the response from:

                        The quick answer is that a "tube fly" is considered an attractor and not a fly if it slides freely up and down the line. An artificial fly means a fly which is constructed by common methods known as fly tying, including a dry fly, wet fly, and nymph, which is free of bait as defined in 5 AAC 75.995. Materials and chemicals designed primarily to cause flies to float or sink may be used on artificial flies.
                        A "fly" for fly fishing only waters must have the attractor material ( feathers, yarn, synthetic materials) attached to the hook itself and cannot slide up and down the line. If the item that attracts the fish is able to move or detach from the hook and travel up the line, it is considered an attractor and would not be legal in fly fishing only waters. Tube flies would be legal in single hook waters or other waters that were not restricted to fly only.
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