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Anchorage/Eagle River Spey Casters?

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  • Anchorage/Eagle River Spey Casters?

    Hello all,
    I am new to the area, but not new to spey casting. I had a surprise last year when I had to wade between two people to cast a fly line and get a 8ft swing before rescasting last year. I am curious if there is anyone around who actually spey fishes in the area. I spoke with some guides down on the Keni last year and they all gave me the impression that yeah it sounds like a good idea, but probably not anywhere around here. I moved up here with 3 spey rods and a few trout rods, with the assumtion that salmon, and large ones at that, would be perfect for a spey rod, but after fishing (kinda, and without my spey rods) the russian, keni, jim, montana, grouse, and ekluta I realize that it may be harder for these rods to wet a line. Any help would be nice, and I am more then willing to teach casting if you have a fishless run that I can atleast get back into the SWING of things. Thanks. Don.
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    Im pretty new to spey casting but have been getting out there this year. Ive seen a few other people out there fishing the two hander. Fished the kasilof river and upper kenai last week, and the middle kenai the week before. All 3 had good swingable water but the upper has alot of frog water up higher where its hard to get a good swing. didn't do well on the kasilof but its open and the chance was worth it. did pretty good on the upper with the spey catching 2 friday night in about 3 hours. Im going to try and hit the little sue with the spey this year during king season and see what happens. when the summer rolls around, more people will make it harder to get a good run that you can swing and step through. spring and fall however is what i bought my spey for! anyway Mike the owner of Mossys fly shop in anchorage fishes alot with the spey rod and might have some more info for you(also a great guy). hope this helps


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      Mike at Mossey's also a shorter drive would be to 3 Rivers in Wasilla. Give Matt a holler (he is off on Wednesdays) but he has the two hander bug pretty bad. Plenty of good water around the state. I don't have two hand experience locally but in spring and fall valley waters are open enough (less anglers) to spey. I have a switch for this area, my two hander is on the Kvichak River waiting.



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        I am up in the Yukon quite a ways from Anchorage I am a die hard Spey guy, we just moved up here and noone in our little town fly fishes, I don't think any have ever heard of spey casting. What a culture change moving from the spey mad fishing fly fishing community of British Columbia.

        We have a perfect river for the spey right in town and my3/4 wt spey is coming in handy there for grayling. There seems to be a small community of spey guys in Whitehorse that I am slowly connecting with.

        I will be in AK fishing a lot over the next few years, maybe we can meet up and swing a few bugs some time.


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          Hi Don

          I am an avid Spey dude on the kenai peninsula, salmon and trout. Give a shout next time your heading south.


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            Sounds like there are a few people around so thats great. Guess I have to plan on heading south and learning some access points. dmahay I may take you up on that, and I would agree Pat AV, guys from B.C are pretty into spey fishing, my buddy that got me into it about 10 years ago was from Chiliwack (sp?). I don't know if I should thank him or send him a bill for all the rods I purchased, between spey fishing and centerpin float fishing I had to back door a bunch of single hand rods that with some of the smaller rivers I have been on up here I wish I still had. I'll go check out Mossys, sounds like a good place. Thanks for the info.


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              I've been spey casting for a few years and it seems to me that anywhere you can get a swing you can spey cast. I fish all the peninsula rivers and spey fish all of them. Not many people do it b/c some seem to think it's too purist, and to be honest it's hard to learn. But in my opinion there isn't a more efficient way to swing a fly. If there is a guide telling you they don't think you can do it around here it just shows how ignorant they are.


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                Originally posted by Cody77 View Post
                and to be honest it's hard to learn.
                If Bill can learn anyone can learn.

                Alaska does have one FFF certified casting instructor named Mark Huber who will do private instruction if anyone wants to refine their technique. My impression is this certification is pretty difficult to obtain and you really have to know your stuff to pass the test.


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                  anywhere you swing streamers is perfect for a switch rod... also stuff out west is good spey water, I fish about 60% with 2 handers but I fish out west a lot... nymphing with switch rods out of boats is pretty good too IMO especially crowded boats

                  And swinging for salmon on the road system just isn't that great... Nymphing and stripping work a lot better IMO.. I think kings are the best swingable salmon but there's just not much swingable water, you have to look and work for it...
                  I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                    Not sure where out west is being new and all, but sounds like I don't have a bunch of ******* rods like it sounded. on a different note, fff certification is not difficult at all, so don't know where you heard it was, but if you are semi-decent there is no issues. Although never did an fff Spey cast, didn't even know there was one, but it has been about ten years and things change.


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