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  • Seasons 'bout to start soon!!!

    I broke my St. Croix on a chum last year anybody know if there is a local place to send it to? Or do I have to send it in?

    thanks, Wes

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    Send it in. I had to have my St. Croix fixed a couple of years ago and got great customer service. You should have your rod back reasonably quickly.


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      Okay thanks Brian!!


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        Slightly off topic, but I noticed St. Croix's "lifetime warranty" has changed sometime in the past several years. It used to be unconditional--you break your rod for whatever reason and they would repair or replace it for a small processing fee. Now it appears that the warranty is somewhat limited--and that they will charge you the cost of repair/replacement if the break is your fault (i.e., you closed it in the car door or, perhaps, broke it on a chum).

        Grouse, please let us know how this turns out. I have an older rod covered under the unconditional warranty and would be reluctant to buy another if the warranty has substantially changed.


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