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im looking to get into spey casting

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  • im looking to get into spey casting

    fellow forum members,

    i really want to get into spey casting. im looking for an inexpensive begginer spey rod. can anyone point me in the right direction? im looking for something in the $200 range.
    any recomendations?
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    Go into Mossy's and talk to Mike. He will help you find just what you are after. And if he doesn't have it in stock he will order the perfect rod. But don't forget, if you want a rod for 200 dollars, you still need a line and reel.
    I have only herd great things about echo, and they offer a 230 dollar spey rod.
    Also, I haven't looked into it much, but if you are looking for a new single hander as well, Temple Fork Outfitters does a conversion kit where you can have a 11'3" 5 piece two hander or a 4 piece single hander in one rod. Just change out bottom sections.
    Hope you find what you are after!


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      Your thread reminded me I have a 'never used' spey rod that has been in hibernation since about 1995. The wife and I were fishing our way thru BC, Canada back then for Steelhead in the Kispiox/Morice River area while winter was trying to chase us out. Ice and snow flushed us farther south to the Spencer Bridge area and the mighty Thompson River where we joined the other trout bums that hang out at the local camping area there. After realizing our 10 ft 10 wts couldn't reach 95% of the fishing on the Thompson, I was fortunate enough to befriend a fellow bum who also repped Scott Rods. He was an expert Spey rod fisherman and took me down to the river to try his out. To make a long story short.... I ended up at the St. Croix Rod Manufacturing plant in Park Falls, Wi. and after a tour thru the factory by their president to see how they make rods, I purchased a 14 ft 3 piece 9/10 wt for about 160 bucks off their 'seconds' rack. Its been hanging amoungst our other rods all these yrs. After reading your thread it finally got to see some action. I took it down to Kasilof Sunday. A couple guys fishing below me had watched me for a bit and the one comes up to me and asks "How long did it take u to learn to cast that thing?" I said, " About 10 minutes now. This is my first time out with it." It made me feel pretty good. I wasn't casting like the experts but I was easily throwing farther than I can with my 10 ft 10 wt. with little effort. I really enjoyed getting out with the Spey. It was long overdue. I did notice I lost some 'feel' for the subtle take of the fish in the cold water situation due to the 14 ft of rod in front of you. The spey is just a REALLY long lever that allows u way more leverage to throw your line. If you've fished fly rods long enough,certainly u have made lots of unorthodox casts to get your fly in tough spots. I found many ways with the spey to throw the line. It is ideal for large tough rivers like the Thompson. I can envision swinging large streamers on rivers like the Naknek, kvijak, Newhalen, etc when the Bows are chasing smolt. Where they really nail it! Maybe the Middle Kenai for the fall Silvers and Bows.
      By the way, I did break the rod in by rolling a couple fish and landing one small steelie. The wife also hooked a couple and landed one nice one on her 10 ft 8 wt. So thanks, Joe! You might think about a 'seconds' rod or even posting on this site for one. Maybe someone is ready to part with theirs. Not me, tho.
      Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:


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