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  • George Riddle your in-box overfloweth

    Hey George empty your message box..
    This was the message I just tried to send you but it wouldn't so I cut&pasted it here minus my name an number......

    Hey George,
    I apologize I missed you yesterday. I got in the show when they opened the door and went to your booth. There was a girl there that said you were having power issues and you were troubleshooting it. I was going to make it back and I ran into a long time friend from Cordova and he was on a tight schedule and asks for me to run him around cause he was in a bind and had to be at the airport by 3pm. Long story short after 6 bucks for parking and 11 to get in the door, I didn't get to hardly enjoy the show! Anyway lets get together for some coffee this coming wk....

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    Sorry we didn't hook up and you missed the show. It was very good for us. What got going on in the morning? We can meet at Kaladi bro or where ever. Let me know.



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